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OMG! Tron Thunder $28,400 Live Earnings Screenshot As Of 19-11-2021

Congratulations & welcome for reaching this page. The latest boom in the crypto world is TRON THUNDER is like no other system you have ever seen or joined. Alot of people around the world is interested in the new TRON THUNDER revolution. Very few people know how to start and build your business to make a sustainable income with TRON THUNDER. We invite you to spend 2 minutes watching the introduction to TRON THUNDER video on this page.

Please Follow These Instructions To Join Our TRON THUNDER Team Build

To join TRON THUNDER you will require a TRON (TRX) Wallet. This wallet can be a Tronlink Pro, Binance, Exodus, or any other TRX wallet that can send and receive TRX (TRON) cryptocurrency

Please Note: If you already have a Tronlink Pro Wallet then you can skip to the next step.

TRON THUNDER does not use Smart Contracts to connect your wallet address so please make sure you use the correct TRX Wallet address when you register your account.

We personally and strongly suggest you use Tronlink Pro as it is in our opinion a very secure and user-friendly wallet to use.

For Your convenience, we have added the links below

Chrome Extension: Click To Download

Please Note: On the Chrome Browser Extension you might not see the icon after installation is completed. Please click on the Puzzle icon and then click on the Pin icon for Tronlink Pro wallet to display.

Android Tronlink Pro App: Click To Download

iOS Tronlink Pro App: Click To Download

Once you have downloaded your Tronlink Pro Wallet and continue to Step 2 Setup Your TRX Wallet.

Open your Tronlink Pro Wallet on your Chrome Extension or Phone and create your TRX wallet.

Extremely Important: there is no email address connected to these wallets so if you lose your password or 12 words there is no way to recover them. Please keep them 100% safe and secure and not stored on your PC or Phone.

Your next step is to get your Wallet Address. If you already have it then you can skip this step.

Mobile Devices: Open Tronlink Pro App and tap on the Receive Button and then tap Copy the collection address button.

Chrome Browser: Open your Tronlink Pro Extension and click on the TRX wallet then click on the copy button next to the wallet address.

Your next step is to fund your TRX wallet with the package cost and atleast aditional 10 TRX for the transaction fees. If you already have funded your account you can skip this step.


Silver Package
Price: 400 TRX
Get: 400 TTT Free
Activate 12 Up & Down
Community Reward Levels

Gold Package
Price: 600 TRX
Get: 600 TTT Free
Activate 14 Up & Down
Community Reward Levels

Sapphire Package
Price: 800 TRX
Get: 800 TTT Free
Activate 16 Up & Down
Community Reward Levels

Emerald Package
Price: 1 000 TRX
Get: 1 000 TTT Free
Activate 18 Up & Down
Community Reward Levels

Ruby Package
Price: 1 200 TRX
Get: 1 200 TTT Free
Activate 20 Up & Down
Community Reward Levels A trusted website where you can purchase TRON (TRX) via EFT payment into FNB, CAPITEC account or Credit Card via Paypal. Please note for bank transfers to FNB & CAPITEC: This is Currently this is only for South African clients. Convert Bitcoin or other Alt coins to TRX with Changelly its a really easy site to use.

1. Open your TRX Wallet.
2. Copy your wallet address
3. Tap on the link Below JOIN TRON THUNDER NOW.
4. Once the registration page opens fill in all your details and paste the wallet address you have copied.
5. Choose the package you desire.
6. A blue screen will open with a QR code and a wallet address.
7. Copy the wallet address on the screen and open your TRX wallet and transfer the exact Package amount of either, 400TRX, 600TRX, 800TRX, 1000TRX or 1200TRX and please check that the fee is not deducted of the sending amount if it is please then send extra  this is according to your exchange.

Please note that the package order will not go through if you send the incorrect amount on the package chosen.

Our Main TRON THUNDER Team Build Telegram Support Group. Where you can ask any questions you have before joining.

The official TRON THUNDER Telegram Channel to get Marketing Material to grow your TRON THUNDER Team business.

The official TRON THUNDER PDF Presentation explaining the entire compensation plan. This is for anyone wanting to know how to get maximum benefit out of the TRON THUNDER business.

Buy/Exchange To TRON Via Changenow Supports All Crypto Currencies

Fiat & Visa/Master Card Purchases: